Low volume, high pressure
Quick-test™ calibration hoses

Keep calibrations quick and consistent

quicktest hoses

Reflective outer cover

Reduced temperature sensitivity through a reflective surface. Keep sunlight and heat from raising the temperature and pressure within the hose.

Polyamide reinforced inner core

Twisting and bending will not result in a change in volue across the hose. This design feature ensures consistent pressure in hard-to-reach applications.

Small Inner Diameter

The low volume of Ralston Quick-test™ hoses are ideal for transmitting high pressure while consuming very little compressed gas or fluid.

High Pressure Quick-Test detail

High Pressure Quick-test™

For connections up to 6900 psi our standard Quick-test™ hoses provide a high pressure connection adaptable to all standard connection types and between all types of pressure references and pressure sources.

Quick-test™ Hoses
Extreme Pressure Quick-Test XT detail

Extreme Pressure Quick-test™ XT

With a maximum pressure of 10,000 psi, the new Quick-test XT series of hoses provides one of the highest pressure ratings of any hose on the market. The Quick-test XT uses a unique, proprietary connection that cannot be accidentally mixed with the Quick-test hoses and adapters.

Quick-test™ XT Hoses
Custom Calibration Hoses detail

Custom Calibration Hoses

Connect to other quick-connectors or to permanent connections. Mix and match standard connections with our Quick-test™ Connections or define your own custom length for your own applications.

Custom Quick-test™ Hoses