Introducing the FieldLab Commando

Today we announce the latest addition to our popular FieldLab product line - the FieldLab Commando.

With ±0.1% of reading and 450 HP, the FieldLab Commando is the first laboratory grade pressure measurement work truck. It boasts impressive pressure calibration precision and effortless transportation to and from your test sites. Start with a full-featured FieldLab and add a sleek dashboard* enclosure and wrap it in a best-in-class 4x4 chassis, cab and truck bed.

Power & Precision in One

Easily generate four digits of torque while reading five digits of precision. With 0.1% of reading stated accuracy, The FieldLab Commando models are available in 5 psi up through 15,000 psi max working pressure - all with 450 hp output - an impressive combination that was once thought to be impossible.**

Safety is No Accident

The FieldLab Commando is Intrinsically Suited (IS) for hazardous locales and features 3 point harnesses in both driver and passenger seats. Front, side, ceiling and floor airbags are standard protection for ingress and egress through both suburbs and substations.

All Style Matters in Engineering (“ASME”)

Maintaining standards is the name of the game whether you are in the lab or out on the town. With a sleek, stylish exterior and over 2 million data points of storage, you’ll be turning heads while making your routes.***

Be Traceable Without Leaving a Trace

Relax in the comfort of your cab while running test after test with the optional 200 foot Ralston Quick-test™ hose reel. So you won’t leave ruts near the meter skids like some other gauges.

Hook Up Without Wrench or Thread Tape

Connect high pressure hoses, campers, wagons or fifth wheels with the first Quick-test Trailer Hitch designed using our 10,000 psi Quicktest XT thread. Hitch up with just your fingers for a safe, stable, leak-free connection.

Feature Specification
Horsepower 450 HP
Pressure Measurement Accuracy ± 0.02% of Full Scale (0-20% of Full Scale), ± 0.1% of Reading (20-100% of Full Scale)
Torque 1,000 ft-lb
Process Connections 1/4" NPT Thread, 2 1/2" Ball Hitch
Memory/Storage 2 Million Data Points, 3 cup holders
Engineering Units MPH, KPH, atm, bar, cmH2O @4°C, inH2O @39°C, kPa, MPa, mbar, psi, inHg @39°F, kgf / cm^2, mmHg @0°C, Torr, Pa, mmH2O @4°C, ftH2O @39°F, cmHg @ 0°C, oz / in^2 and custom units
Power Integrated Rechargeable Battery / 6.8L Turbo Diesel
Connectivity HART compatible proprietary low frequency, long distance wireless, USB (Bluetooth coming soon)
Protection / Safety ABS, 4 air bags, IP67 (1 meter water submersion for 30 minutes)

Published April 1st, 2021

* Climate, Sound, Navigation kits are unavailable on all FieldLab Commando Models

** FieldLab Commando is not a real product

*** “ASME” is unrelated to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.