Ralston Instruments July 2009
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Ralston Instruments Goes Green
Roof-mounted Solar Panels at the new Green Headquarters - Providing 50-80% of Ralston Instruments’ power needs
A Green Approach at Ralston Instruments
When Ralston Instruments initiated the construction of their new headquarters building in 2007, they considered the impact they would have on the environment throughout the project and beyond. Large, Efficient Windows – Reduce power consumption
As a company that values the natural world around them, Ralston Instruments vowed to reduce their energy consumption and offset damage to the environment at each step. This dedication and “green” philosophy is the driving force behind how Ralston Instruments operates today.
Green Construction Methods – As construction began, Ralston Instruments carefully leveraged green construction methods that would reduce their energy consumption as much as possible. Proactively, they installed the following elements to reduce the amount of energy they would use:
192 solar panels (2704 square feet/33kV array) that provide 50-80% of Ralston Instruments’ power needs
Large, energy-efficient windows that help reduce the need for fluorescent lighting
Automatic light switches that turn off when no longer needed
Thick insulation to reduce energy bills
A white roof to reflect light and heat
Several powerful ceiling fans that reduce reliance on AC in summer and blow hot air down from ceiling in winter
Green Business Practices – In addition to the green construction methods, Ralston Instruments also employs business practices that help preserve the environment. These practices include: Recycled Packaging
Recycling packing material when possible
Using local suppliers to minimize the distance raw materials must travel
Providing suppliers with dedicated shipping bins to eliminate the need for them to package inbound material to Ralston Instruments
Eliminate junkmail by removing mailbox and opting for a PO box
Green Culture – The final dimension of Ralston Instrument’s green approach is the eco-friendly culture they foster among their employees. As a team, Ralston Instruments practices green behavior in the workplace and has instituted the following company-wide programs.
Recycling program for paper, plastic, aluminum, brass, stainless steel and packing material
Composting of biodegradable matter
An eye towards the future – While Ralston Instruments has made a tremendous effort to create a sustainable factory, their work is not over. In the following year they plan to pursue LEED certification (a national accreditation recognizing the implementation of environmentally friendly building practices). In addition, they plan to achieve zero landfill waste by 2010. Recycling Goal
Ralston Takes to the Road
Trade Show
Check us out at these upcoming tradeshows:

Appalachian Gas Measurement Short Course
August 11-14 | Robert Morris University
Moon Twp. Pennsylvania USA

American School of Gas Measurement Technology
September 21-24 | Marriott Westchase
Houston, Texas USA | Booth 60

Featured Products

Hydraulic Pumps - Redesigned

Hydraulic Pumps

Ralston Instruments has redesigned the vent valve in all of their hydraulic pumps. It improves service life and durability by changing from a soft seat material to stainless steel.

New Products

2T Hose Ends

2T Hose Ends

A hose end that connects directly to Swagelok, Parker, Hoke or equivalent fittings. It eliminates one more connection point in applications such as Oxygen analyzers where the Ralston hose is always being connected to a tube fitting.

Tech Tip
Did you know that you can connect Ralston tube adapters to any make of tube fitting without a wrench?
When you are finished just remove tube adapter and replace the nut, ferrule and tube in place and tighten with a wrench.

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