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High Pressure Connection Seals Explained
NPT, BSPP and BSPT seals

There are several connections that are used for higher pressure connections where taper seals are not ideal. These connections use either a metal to metal seat or an o-ring seal to make a pressure tight seal at high pressures.

SAE Seal
Sea Seal

Design: The SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) o-ring boss seal uses a male fitting with an o-ring to seal in a female port with an angled section where the o-ring seats. Unlike NPT seals that stretch the female portion, SAE seals use straight threads and therefore do not damage the mating part.

Applications: This seal is popular in automotive applications and in other situations where heating, cooling and vibration are an issue. All ports on Ralston Instruments hand pumps, calibration manifolds, volume controllers and fluid traps use an SAE o-ring boss seal.

Flareless Tube Seal
Sea Seal

Design: Flareless tube fitting connections such as those made by Swagelok, Parker, Hoke, Gyrolok and Tylok use a set of ferrules and a nut to dig into a piece of tubing to form a pressure seal on a piece of copper, steel or stainless steel tubing. These are effective because there is no end preparation required to make a good seal.

Applications: This seal is used in the nuclear and process industries. Ralston Instruments makes a full line of Tube fitting adapters to connect to any flareless tube fitting.

37° Flare AN Seal
Sea Seal

Design: The 37° flare AN seal is used for sealing tubing to end connections. It requires the end of the tube to have a nut slipped onto it and then flared out using a special tool. To seal properly, the nut is threaded into a flare fitting which clamps the flared tube in between the nut and flare fitting.

Applications: These seals are used predominantly in aerospace, marine applications and in older plants that have not upgraded to flareless tube fittings. Despite their effective sealing method, these fittings are time consuming to prepare. Ralston Instruments carries a variety of 37° flare AN adapters.

High Pressure Seals
Sea Seal

Design:High pressure seals such as those made by HIP, Autoclave Engineers or Butech use a metal-to-metal seal that provides the ability to go to very high pressure. These seals work well up to 60,000 psi pressure but require some tube preparation. Each tube must be coned and threaded with two separate tools before they are ready for use.

Applications: Ralston Instruments offers High Pressure Quick-test adapters and High Pressure Quick-test XT adapters to adapt to both Quick-test and Quick-test XT hoses. These allow our customers to connect all Ralston hoses and adapters to High Pressure connections.

Ralston Takes to the Road
Trade Show
Check us out at one of these upcoming tradeshows:

Edmonton ISA Show
April 14-15 | New Edmonton Expo Centre | Edmonton AB, Canada

International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement 2010
May 11-13 | Oklahoma City, OK | Booth 60

Four Corners Oil and Gas Show
May 12-13 | Farmington, NM | Precision Fitting and Gauge Booth

New Products
Expanded selection of Quick-test XT Hoses:
Quick test XT BSPP-Adapters
Ralston Instruments has increased it’s selection of Quick-test XT 10,000 psi hoses for use in hydrostatic testing, down-hole tool calibration and burst testing.
Connect Ralston Quick-test XT 10,000 psi hose to any Druck, SI, or other hydraulic hand pump with high pressure BSPP connections
Quick test XT BSPP-Adapters
Quick-test XT BSPP Adapters
QTHA-MFB0-1620 Male Quick-test x Minimess 1620 Adapter
Quick-test XT BSPP Fittings
Tech Tip
Did you know that Ralston Nitropaks contain enough compressed gas for 1-2 days of calibration? Filling the cylinder is as simple as attaching a hose to the filling cylinder and opening a valve.

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