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It All Starts with the Connection
It All Starts with the Connection
How the Quick-test system works
How the Quick-test system works

Pioneered almost 20 years ago by Ralston Instruments, the Quick-test system is the most efficient way of connecting the three elements required to perform a pressure calibration (pressure reference, pressure source and device under test). The system uses a probe and seal to create pressure tight connections virtually guaranteeing a leak-free seal up to 5000 or 10,000 psi. Adapters with a protective cap can be left in the field. Adapters with a check-valve can be used while a system is still pressurized. Our Quick test system is the market standard due to its ingenious design and complete line of adapters covering almost all types of pressure connection.


How to connect to pressure sources and references using the Quick-test system
Sea Seal

Connect Quick-test hoses and adapters either directly or with a hose, allowing you to choose the calibration configuration that best suits your needs.

Protect the threads on your pressure source /reference by using Quick-test adapters on both components. This configuration prevents you from damaging the threads on the pressure source/reference due to the elimination of repeated tightening and loosening of NPT threads.

Install Quick-test adapters on your pressure reference/source which enables you to easily remove your gauge from your pressure source for storage.

Connect a single pressure source to multiple pressure references efficiently and quickly using Quick-test adapters and hoses. All of Ralston Instruments pressure sources and nitrogen control devices come standard with Quick-test connections.


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NCSLI 2010
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Featured Products
Connect to any 1/4" Female medium pressure connection using Male Quick-test x Male 1/4" Medium Pressure adapters.
Male Quick-test x Male 1/4 inch Medium Pressure adapters
Featured Products
Connect a hose to an adapter that is in a hard to reach place with our Male Quick-test x Female Quick-test 90 Degree Elbow.
Male Quick-test x Female Quick-test 90 Degree Elbow
Tech Tip
Did you know that thread tape can create a false differential pressure?
Make sure to remove any excess thread tape that can get lodged against a pressure sensor or inside a calibrator or hand pump thus causing an incorrect pressure reading.

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