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Why We Calibrate Pressure and Temperature Transmitters
Calibration is Key in the Oil and Gas Industry
Why We Calibrate

Like all markets, the oil and gas industry has buyers and sellers. Buyers want to make sure they are getting what they pay for and sellers want to ensure they are getting paid for what they are providing. But how does each party know exactly what is changing hands when the commodity is something that is difficult to isolate and measure —like a gas? How can each party feel good about the transaction if they can't see or weigh the goods that are being sold?

In the oil and gas industry, pressure and temperature transmitters are the cash registers on the pipeline. By measuring temperature, pipeline pressure and the pressure drop across a restriction in the pipeline, (called an orifice plate) we can infer the flow of oil or gas going through the pipe at any given time. When you can accurately measure flow, the buyer and seller of the oil or gas each know, with a high degree of certainty, that they are getting a fair deal. Because this flow measurement is what establishes prices, it is imperative that both of these measurements are very accurate so a fair price can be set.

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Featured Products
DPPV Hand Pumps

DPPV Hand Pumps – These are excellent for doing differential pressure calibrations as well as doing vacuum calibrations. Switch from pressure to vacuum with just a knob. Kits are available with just the right connection for your pressure reference.

2L Hose Ends

2L Hose Ends

Use these to connect to any Male 37 degree flare adapter.

Tech Tip

Did you know that Ralston Quick-test XT Medium Pressure Adapters can be used to connect to a Crystal nVision pressure calibrator?

Then you can use all of your Ralston Quick-test XT 10,000 psi hoses and adapters to connect to your device under test.

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