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Ralston Block and Bleed Valves Make Your Gas Last Longer

Block and Bleed Valve

Ralston Block and Bleed Valves are an excellent accessory for doing pressure calibration with a Ralston Volume Controller, Nitropak, Calibration Manifold or other calibration device. This unique valve helps conserve compressed gas by venting only the gas that needs to be vented in the device under test (DUT) and nothing more. When connected to the end of the hose closest to the device under test (DUT), the Ralston Block and Bleed Valve allows the user to block pressure from the nitrogen control device and vent only the pressure in the DUT. This configuration conserves the gas in the nitrogen control device. By conserving the gas in the hose and the nitrogen control device, the bottle pressure stays higher longer. This reduces the number of times the compressed gas cylinder needs to be filled or replaced and helps get the job done quicker. Ralston Block and Bleed Valves are available in brass and stainless steel and with a variety of end connections.

WATCH VIDEO: The Block and Bleed Valve in action

Tech Tip

Medium Pressure Adapters

Ralston Medium Pressure Adapters

Did you know that hoses and adapters with Medium Pressure metal to metal seals can gall or cold weld if installed too many times in stainless steel? If you use the Ralston Medium Pressure Adapters to convert from Medium Pressure to Quick-test instead you eliminate that problem completely because you only have to install the Quick-test adapter once. After that simply use Ralston Quick-test hoses to connect.

View the QTHA-2MS0-MP Adapter

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