How the Quick-test System Works

Putting the Ralston Quick-test™ System to work

No Wrench or Thread Tape

Quick-test™ connections use an integrated o-ring pressure seal for quick, leak-free connections every time - without the need for thread tape or a wrench!

quick-test diagram
  • Hose nut
  • Pressure seal
  • Quick-test™ calibration hose
  • Hose probe
  • Quick-test™ adapter

Highest Pressure Connections

With max pressure ranges well over 5,000 psi, Ralston Quick-test™ connections out-perform the competitor's quick connect and adapt to all standard connections.


Up to 6,900 PSI


Quick-Test XT™

Up to 10,000 PSI

Quick-Test XT™

Make direct, live pressure connections up to 3,000 PSI instantly

For faster connections with a device under live pressure, use Quick-test fittings and adapters with the integrated check valve. Connections can be created and disconnected without needing to vent and re-pressurize. Use a cap and chain for permanent installation.

Quick-test™ fitting with Integrated Check Valve
quicktest fitting cap and chain
Quick-test™ fitting with Cap & Chain

Ralston Quick-test™ Connections can adapt - No matter what the application

Quick-test™ Connections

Connect to any Ralston Quick-test™ or Quick-test™ XT adapter and from there to any standard connection and thread size. Adapters, Valves, Fittings, Tees and Unions available for common applications and all popular brands and standards.

quicktest connection choices
Female Quick-test™ or Quick-test™ XT
Male Quick-test™ or Quick-test™ XT
Adapt to any standard connection

Quick-test™ Connections standard on all Ralston Instruments pressure sources & controllers

quicktest pressure port

Quick-test™ connections come standard on all Ralston pressure sources and volume controllers making each device a platform readily adaptable to existing connections.

Pressure Ports Illustration