Pressure Calibration Gauges, Pumps, Hoses, Connection Adapters

Ralston Quick-test™ Microbore Hoses

The Ralston Quick-test™ hose is unique because it can be attached and detached without a wrench or thread sealant while maintaining a working pressure of 6900 psi (475 bar). Quick-test™ hoses are small in diameter, flexible and low in volume. These hoses provide an ideal way of transmitting pressure during a vacuum or pressure calibration. A wide variety of adaptors provide a connection for most calibration applications.

Pressure Calibrators, Pressure & Temperature Gauges

Ralston Instruments' gauges and calibrators are born from decades of experience working with technicians, project managers and facilities teams responsible for maintaining metrology instruments. From intrinsically safe FieldLab Pressure Calibrator & PSV Tester to the rugged and portable Field Gauge models with optional Bluetooth, all gauges work with our FieldLab Desktop Software for managing consistent SOPs, harvesting log data and saving time and money by replacing pen, paper and chart recorders for many applications.

Pressure and Vacuum Calibration Test Pumps

Ralston Instruments' Test Pumps are rugged and portable. Field tested calibration solutions with standard Quick-test adapters which make connecting to pressure references and the device being calibrated a snap.

Compressed Gas & Benchtop Calibration

Perform both ultra-precise low pressure differential or high pressure static pressure calibrations with nitrogen using the same device.

Gas Sampling Pump

The SP0V gas sampling pump can pull low pressure gas from a well and boost it to 25 psi to pump it into a sample cylinder.

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