Adapt to Process Connections and DUTs

It couldn't be easier. Ralston Quick-test™ connections make thread sealant a thing of the past.

Adapt to Process Connections and DUTs
  • Connect to virtually any Device Under Test
  • Connect directly or with a hose
  • Leave adapters either permanently or temporarily connected

Male NPT Quick-test™ adapters and fittings

Male Quick-test™ fittings
  • Make a bubble-tight seal on any 3 or 5 valve manifold using thread sealant

  • Leave them in the system for easy connection

  • Available in stainless steel for processes that have chemical compatibility issues

  • Available with or without cap and chain, checkvalve or both

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Male Quick-test Fittings Detail

Male NPT Quick Disconnect adapters

Male NPT Quick Disconnect adapters
  • Connect to female NPT without thread sealant

  • Saves lots of time in calibrating pressure transmitters

  • Available in 1/8" and 1/4" Male NPT QD

  • Ideal for contractors who do not own the instruments they are calibrating

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Male NPT Quick Disconnect adapter Detail

Tube fitting adapters

Tube fitting adapters
  • Connect directly to Swagelok, Parker, Hoke, Gyrolok or equivalent tube fittings

  • The adapter seals with an o-ring so the tube does not wear out

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Tube fitting adapters detail

DP Transmitter Adapters

DP Transmitter Adapters
  • Connect directly to the bleeder port on any pressure transmitter

  • Connect to Rosemount, Yokogawa, ABB, Foxboro or equivalent manifolds via a 3 or 5 valve manifold

  • Connect temporarily or permanently

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DP Transmitter Adapters Detail

Valves and Verniers

Valves and Verniers
  • Block and Bleed valves keep hoses pressurized between calibrations

  • In-line Vent Valves let you vent a hose at the device under test

  • Quick-test Valved Fittings let you isolate a gauge and test it without removing it from service

  • In-line Verniers let you change the pressure without opening a valve

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Tees, Unions and Elbows

Tees, Unions and Elbows
  • Connect 3 hoses together or connect 2 hoses and something else

  • Use bulkhead fittings to pass through the wall, control panel, case or enclosure

  • Use tubing or Quick-test™ hoses inside and Quick-test™ hoses outside