Ralston Instruments Going Green

Green Headquarters

The Ralston Instruments headquarters is outfitted with state of the art solar panels to offset power demands and our white roof reflects light and heat. Currently, 192 solar panels (2,704 square feet/33kV array) providing 50-80% of their power needs.

Environmentally friendly building design practices

  • Large, energy-efficient windows that help reduce the need for fluorescent lighting
  • Automatic light switches and high voltage fluorescent lights
  • Thick insulation to reduce energy bills
  • Several powerful ceiling fans that reduce reliance on AC in summer and blow hot air down from the ceiling in winter
Recycled Packaging
Reducing carbon footprint

Green Business Practices

In addition to the green construction methods, Ralston Instruments also employs business practices that help preserve the environment. These practices include:

  • Recycling packing material when possible
  • Using local suppliers to minimize the distance raw materials must travel
  • Providing suppliers with dedicated shipping bins to eliminate the need for them to package inbound material to Ralston Instruments
  • Removing mailbox and opting for a PO box to eliminate most junk mail
Recycling Goal
Zero landfill waste by 2010

A Green Culture

The final dimension of Ralston Instrument's green approach is the eco-friendly culture they foster among their employees. As a team, Ralston Instruments practices green behavior in the workplace and has instituted the following company-wide programs.

  • Recycling program for paper, plastic, aluminum, brass, stainless steel and packing material
  • Composting of biodegradable matter