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Quick-test Fittings

Quick-test Fittings

All Ralston Instruments pumps have our our unique Quick-test fittings which let you connect a hose to the pump and to an adapter that connects to the device under test. This configuration can be done without using a wrench or thread sealant which will save you time and effort. Additionally, each pump has a fine adjustment piston to let you fine-tune pressure. Each pump also includes 2 outlet ports so you can eliminate another hose and tee.

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Tech Tip
Did you know that overshooting and undershooting pressure test points can introduce hysterisis error?

Make sure when increasing pressure that you stop below the test point going up and above the test point going down. Use the fine adjustment piston to do the rest, therefore avoiding hysterisis error.
Featured Products
Quick-test XT male medium pressure adapters – Connect to any female Medium Pressure adapter from HIP, Autoclave Engineers or Butech.
Quick-test XT male medium pressure adapters
Quick-test XT Bulkhead connections – Connect two Quick-test XT 10,000 psi hoses through a panel, case or test chamber wall.
Quick-test XT Bulkhead connections

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