Ralston Instruments October 2012
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Combating Contaminants That Threaten
Gas Pressure Calibration Systems
Trap Corrosive Contaminants Before They Ruin Your Pressure Calibration System.

In many gas pipelines, chemical plants and refineries there are contaminants in the process line. These contaminants can pose a threat to the pressure calibration system regardless of whether they are corrosive gases, natural gas liquids or water. By working proactively to keep contaminants out of your pressure calibrator you can extend the life of your equipment and reduce your maintenance costs. But what is the best way to do this?

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Case Studies

We are soliciting your case studies. Please send in a description of how Ralston Instruments products have helped you. We will be giving away a new iPad to the best case study. Make sure to include photos of you using Ralston Instruments products.

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Tech Tip

Did you know that Quick-test hoses are excellent for very low pressure calibration?

Quick-test HosesEven though they are rated at 6900 psi they work well when doing a very low pressure calibration because the hose is very stiff. Thus the cross sectional area of the hose does not change if the hose is flexed and it will not affect the read pressure.

Featured Products
Metric Male Adapters

Metric Male Adapters – Connect to gauge comparators or pressure devices with female metric connections.

Natural Gas Sampling Pumps

Natural Gas Sampling
– Pull gas samples from low pressure wells for analysis off-site

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