Privacy Policy

Ralston Instruments respects your right to privacy. We will never sell or share your name or other personal information to an unrelated third party.

Information We Collect to Help Serve You Better

Requesting Information

(including: requesting a catalog/quote, contacting us via phone, email or website or visiting us at a trade show)

What we collect

Why we collect this information

If necessary, we will provide your contact information to our distributor in your area with the express purpose of contacting you about a specific request.

Placing an Order

What we collect

For all orders...

For credit card orders....

Why we collect this information

This information is necessary in order for us to process and complete your order.

No information collected during order placement is shared with anyone but you at any time for any reason unless legally required.

Uses of Personal Information

Ralston Instruments, Inc. may also use personal information for its own purposes to:

Opt out

If you receive an email newsletter that you do not want you can opt out. To opt out of receiving other marketing material please send an email to us via the Contact Us section of our website. This change will go into effect within 60 days and you will not receive additional marketing information directly from Ralston Instruments, based on your preferences.

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