Ralston FieldLab

The first laboratory grade pressure reference made to work like you do - no matter where you do it.

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Speed through Calibration Tests

With single button logging of both Device Under Test (DUT) and Reference readings, techs get completely digital logging of test points.

Instant tolerance feedback at each point lets you know sooner than later whether to recalibrate.

Download verification test data to the FieldLab Desktop App.


Work in Hazardous Locations No Matter How You Say It.

What good is rugged mobility if you can't take your tools to where the job is? The FieldLab is certified Intrinsically Safe for hazardous locations anywhere in the world.


Continuous Pressure Data Logging

For general purpose data logging, the FieldLab can monitor pressure over short or very long periods of time at customized intervals.

  • Customize Log Interval & Duration
  • Long Term Field Monitor (3 months on single charge)
  • 2 Million Data Points Onboard Storage
  • Wellhead Monitoring
  • Chart Recorder Replacement
  • Download Log Data to FieldLab Desktop App

Change Engineering Units With One Touch of a Button

The FieldLab comes with every standard engineering unit used to measure pressure or vacuum. Swap units instantly without searching through menus.

Customize the FieldLab to only show the Units you use most with the FieldLab Desktop App.


Learn New Tricks with Test Modes

FieldLab introduces a revolutionary way to plan and run tests through the FieldLab Test Modes.

Easily create Test Modes for the work that needs to be done and how you want your data returned. Activate your custom Test Mode on your FieldLab to ensure repeatability and tracebility - every time you need to repeat a test.

Share Test Modes with colleagues and save time managing work processes.


Work in the real world

Below freezing or above blazing - the FieldLab is designed for where you work. Spend less time onsite and get more tests done in an 8 hour day without tedious processes or pen and paper.

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