Snapshot Logging

See It and Save It

Snapshot logging is a new FieldLab feature that lets you take direct pressure readings based on user input rather than specified time intervals. Name each test point, set different ranges of values and tolerances for each, and save each test mode so you can easily repeat the tests whenever necessary.

Data You Can Trust

Eliminate pencil whipping and reduce data misinterpretations by recording clear, precise readings with traceable results - one snapshot at a time.

Superior Software

Snapshot logging can be used on the FieldLab Digital Pressure Calibrator anywhere in the field or using our FieldLab Desktop software with all our digital gauges.

Countless Uses

Snapshot logging is ideal for any application where you need to log pressure on an instrument or piece of equipment on a somewhat irregular basis that’s not tied to a time interval.

  • Logging pressure for each tire on a vehicle, industrial machine or aircraft
  • Logging temperature for multiple railcars on a train
  • Logging pressure for each pressurized unit of a product as it comes off the assembly line
  • Testing boilers that need daily pressure measurements

Find out more about how the Ralston FieldLab can help you eliminate tedious processes with pen and paper and get more tests done in a day.

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