Dcap Pressure Test Pumps

Innovative Solutions for Connecting to Tube Fittings

Tube fittings are used in many industries because they are excellent for long-term connections. All brands of tube fittings work on the same principle - The tube fittings bites into the tube when it is tightened and makes an excellent seal. One of the challenges for technicians to connect to devices that use tube fittings is that they can be easily over-tightened. The problem is when the tube is loosened and retightened multiple times the ferrules dig deeper and deeper into the tube until the fitting cannot be tightened enough to make a seal anymore. The solution is to make a seal using an o-ring instead of a metal to metal seal.

Tube Fitting Adapters for Pressure Calibration

Most pressure transmitters, gauges, and switches in the field are connected to the process using tube fittings. Technicians need to disconnect a tube fitting from service to access the device to be tested and reconnect the tube fitting when done. Ralston Instruments Tube Fitting Quick-test Adapters and Quick-test Hoses allow the user to do this quickly and without any tools. Because our Tube Fitting Quick-test Adapters use an o-ring seal instead of a metal to metal seat, they can be connected by hand and they will last for years instead of only a few months. We have connection sizes for most Imperial and Metric sizes that cover what most technicians need to do testing and calibration in the field.

Tube Stub Quick Connect

Hoses with Tube Quick-connects for Gas Sampling

Gas sampling is necessary in biogas, petrochemical, electronics, aerospace and oil & gas industries. Many of the gas analyzers use stainless steel tubing to connect from the sample location to the gas analyzer. The tubing is connected using tube fittings that are difficult to remove for temporary connection. Ralston Instruments makes hoses with Nylon core tubes that do not affect the sample and have 2G and 2T Quick-connect tube connections on the ends to connect directly from the sample source to the gas analyzer. They will work well with Oxygen, Hydrogen Sulfide, and moisture analyzers to quickly collect samples and prevent the samples from becoming contaminated.

Connecting to Tube Fittings

Hoses with Semi-permanent Tube Fitting Connection Ends

Many applications require a semi-permanent connection. These may be an application where there is relative movement or vibration between two pressure devices. One way to isolate this is to use a flexible piece of high-pressure hose that connects the existing tube fittings. Especially if these connections need to be disconnected occasionally the Ralston Quick-connect 1S and 2S Tube Stub Hose Ends will let the user connect to tube fittings without a wrench. This makes them quite flexible and semi-permanent.

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