Ralston Tube Fitting Quick-Test Adapters


Ralston Tube Fitting Quick-Test Adapters provide a gas-tight, wrench-free connection to any type of tube fitting, including Parker, Swagelok, Tylok, and SSP. Their leak-free seal helps save time and improve the overall efficiency of the process it is being used for.

Ralston Tube Fitting Quick Test Adapters


Ralston Instruments continues to enhance reliability and performance, providing tube fitting adapters that can be used in a range of applications including gas sampling, pressure calibration, pressure reading, and testing. The industries we cover are Oil & Gas, Research, Petrochemical, Semiconductor Industries, Process Instrumentation, and Power.

With our high-quality products, we strive to address critical issues such as vibration, air-tight seal, corrosion, thermal shock, installation, and compliance with industry standards.

Advantages of Ralston Tube Fitting Quick-Test Adapters

  • Easy to connect, tighten and disconnect without a wrench. The seal uses an integrated O-ring that does not require additional tightening. Simply tighten by hand.
  • Our Quick-Test Adapters provide excellent pressure-tight, leak-free sealing
  • Available in sizes from 1/16 to 2 inches and 2 to 50 mm
  • Integrated locking mechanism aids in maximum grip with minimalist deformation of the tube adapter
  • Can withstand vibration fatigue and thermal shock, providing superior tube support
  • 100% stainless steel test fitting adapters that are resistant to corrosion or heavy-duty use
  • Compatible with most industry-rated tube fittings

Ralston Tube Fitting Quick-Test Adapters Help Save Time

Ralston tube fitting adapters are easy and quick to connect. Simply remove the tube ferrules and nuts, and connect the adapter. When the connector is positioned on the connection, it creates gas-tight sealing without the need of a wrench. Tightening with your hands is enough to have a strong connection. Our Tube Fitting Quick Test Adapters help save time in hydrostatic testing, pressure calibration or pressure safety valve setting.

Part of the Ralston Quick-test™ System of safe, stable, leak-free connections without a wrench.

Ralston Tube Fitting Quick Test Adapters

Ralston Tube Fitting Quick Test Adapters come in a variety of different configurations. Choose which is right for your application

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