FieldLab Hydrostatic Test Kits

Run hydrostatic tests wirelessly with 10x the accuracy of traditional chart recorders

No more fumbling around with cables and dried out felt tip pens. Our ultra-portable FieldLab hydrostatic test kits include everything you need to set up and monitor tests digitally - a huge improvement over large, cumbersome chart recorders. Log media temperature, ambient temperature, and system pressure without wires at customizable intervals and download the results on your PC to easily create reports.

The Wireless Advantage

  • 10x more accurate than traditional chart recorders*
  • Sturdy wireless temperature probe replaces unwieldy cables and wires to record pipeline and ambient temperature
  • Log Pressure up to 10,000 psi (70 MPa)
  • Log Temperature accurately from up to 330 feet (100 meters) away
  • Unit can be programmed to record hours of uninterrupted data at user-selected intervals and automatically shut down when finished

A Better Way to Run Tests

  • Easily set up and run tests for any custom length of time and stop the test automatically when done
  • View pressure and temperature data live on the FieldLab display
  • Download data via wireless or USB
  • Create and customize reports to include all reference info, graphs of pressure & temperature readings and DUT data, as well as customer, asset and other info as needed
  • Record pressure and temperature per US DOT, API, Transport Canada, ASME and European standards

Kit Includes

  • FieldLab digital pressure reference & data logger
  • LC20-TA thermal probe gauge (1 or 2 probes, depending on the model)
  • All cables, chargers, manuals and accessories
  • Durable waterproof case that protects all test equipment and accessories


  • Hydrostatic testing of meter skids, valves, pipelines, boilers, or other systems that require data collection
  • Wellhead pre-commissioning
  • Pressure vessel requalification
  • Temperature and pressure monitoring of pressure vessels
  • High-pressure proof testing

*Compared with standard Barton 242E specifications

FieldLab Hydrostatic Test Kits

FieldLab Hydrostatic Test Kits come in a variety of different configurations. Choose which is right for your application

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