Gas Sampling Pumps


The SP0V gas sampling pump can pull low-pressure gas from a well and boost it to 25 psi to pump it into a sample cylinder

  • Hard Anodized aluminum body and stainless steel fittings so no issues with corrosion, cracking or cross contamination of the sample
  • Inlet and outlet hose has Nylon inner core tube which does not affect the sample
  • Low compression rate will not adversely affect the sample by bringing the gas close to the hydrocarbon dew point (25 psi/2 bar)
  • Hydrocarbon-free lubricant does not contaminate the sample with any foreign hydrocarbons
  • Designed in accordance with API MPMS Chapter 14.1 on natural gas sampling
  • Ideally suited for use with the purge and fill method of gas sampling
  • Made in USA
Gas Sampling Pumps

Configure a Gas Sampling Hand Pump

Ralston Gas Sampling Hand Pumps come in a variety of different configurations. Choose which bundle is right for your application.

Part of the Ralston Quick-test™ System of safe, stable, leak-free connections without a wrench.

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