Ralston Quick-test™ Connection System

Save time and frustration with Quick-test, the versatile system of quick connect high-pressure hoses and universal hose connectors that connect to anything.

Quick Connect Hoses

Low volume, quick connect high pressure hoses for pressure testing, calibration, and leak testing.

Quick Connect Fittings

Leak-free high pressure hose fittings for instant connections with no wrench or thread tape.

Universal Connection System

Compatible with all standard process connections.

Low Volume, High Stability Quick Connect Hoses

Create instant pressure to your device under test without wasting gas or liquid on large volume hoses. Engineered to maintain pressure regardless of twists and turns.

  • Reflective Outer Cover

    Reduced temperature sensitivity through a reflective surface.

  • Reinforced Inner Core

    Polyamide inner core prevents twisting and bending from changing the volume across the hose.

  • Small Inner Diameter

    Ideal for transmitting high pressure while consuming very little compressed gas or fluid.

High Pressure & Extreme Pressure Hose Options

Standard Quicktest hoses handle up to 6,900 psi (475 bar) of working pressure

Quick-test XT hoses handle up to 10,000 psi (689 bar)

Quick Connect Fittings That Adapt to Any Situation

Cut Set-up Time in Half

Equip your Ralston Quick-test™ high pressure hoses with quick-connect adapters for direct connection to Male or Female NPT, BSPP, Tube Fittings, Metric, AN 37° Flare and CGA 580 fittings—without wrench or thread tape.

Integrated Check Valve

Ralston Quick-test™ pressure hose fittings and adapters are also available with integrated check valves for testing live-pressure systems.

Disconnect Safely Under Pressure

The Ralston Quick-test™ pressure hose connectors can vent pressure while still connected for safe disconnection without hoses whipping around.

Preserving your Reference Device Investment

Repeated wrenching on high quality references can wear out threads and cause a loss of calibration. Adapting your references to a Quick-test™ connection to protect your investment while speeding up the calibration setup process.

Device Under Test & Pump Connections

Adapt existing DUTs like Transmitters, Pressure Switches, In Line valves and pressure pumps to the Ralston Quick-test™ system for easy expansion and quicker testing procedures.

Widest Adapter Selection in the Industry

Pressure Pumps & Reference Compatibility

  • Additel™
  • Ashcroft™
  • Ametek™
  • Crystal Ametek™
  • Beamex™
  • Druck (GE Measurement)™
  • East Hills™
  • Fluke™
  • Martel™
  • SI (GE Measurement)™
  • Sika™

Ralston Quick-test™ Kits

Getting started with Ralston Quick-test™ is easy with one of our kits designed for common applications and standards.

Create Your Own Solution

Ralston Quick-test™ Adapters

Get the right adapters for your process connections, references, and pumps along with tees and unions to expand your Quick-test™ system.

Ralston Quick-test™ Hoses

Find the hose you need or create a Quick-test™ hose to suit your needs.

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