Male NPT Hoses

Male NPT Hose Features

  • Connect any device with Female NPT connection to the end of the hose
  • Non-swivel connection is set up for installing an alternative Quick-connect onto the hose
  • Sizes available in 1/8" and 1/4" Male NPT
  • Excellent for permanent attachment to a valve or Quick-connect
  • Made in USA

Low Volume — High Stability

Create instant pressure to your device under test without wasting gas or liquid on large volume hoses. Engineered to maintain pressure regardless of twists and turns.

  • Reflective Outer Cover

    Reduced temperature sensitivity through a reflective surface.

  • Reinforced Inner Core

    Polyamide inner core prevents twisting and bending from changing the volume across the hose.

  • Small Inner Diameter

    Ideal for transmitting high pressure while consuming very little compressed gas or fluid.

Part of the Ralston Quick-test™ System of safe, stable, leak-free connections without a wrench.

Male NPT Hoses

Ralston Male NPT Hoses come in a variety of different configurations. Choose which is right for your application.

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