Minimess Quick-test Adapters


The Ralston Quick-test™ system can now connect to Minimess test points with the Ralston Minimess® Quick-test Adapter. Ralston Minimess test adapters provide a simple, straightforward means of accessing a wide range of pressure systems. They are completely leak proof and use advanced o-ring systems to ensure smooth functioning.


Minimess Quick-test Adapter Models

Model Max Pressure Connection Connection Quick-connect Has Check Valve Cap and Chain Bulkhead Materials
QTHA-MFB0-1620 5000 PSI / 350 bar / 35 MPa 1620 Female Minimess Male Quick-test No No No No Brass


Designed to extend our Ralston Quick-test™ system, our Minimess Test Adapters can be used for pressure testing, gas charging, gas testing, bleeding points, or even oil sampling. Since the adapter has a Male Quick-test connector on one side and a 1620 Female Minimess on the other, it can be used to connect to any Hydrotechnik Minimess 1620 test point or equivalent 16 x 2.0 connection.

Key Benefits of Using the Ralston Minimess Test Adapters

  • Safe Self-Vent - Ralston Quick-test™ Minimess test adapters are capable of self-venting safely in case you forget to vent-off the pressure from the valve. They will not blow off violently unlike other popular connectors.
  • Guaranteed Leak-free Design - The Ralston Quick-test™ system makes a quick, leak-free connection thanks to the O-ring pressure seals.
  • Made to Work at High Pressure - Ralston Quick-test™ Minimess adapters handle pressures up to 5000 psi or 345 bar and can be used for a wide range of applications involving a Hydrotechnik Minimess.
  • Resilient - Made of brass, the adapters are capable of withstanding high temperatures up to 225°F/ 105°C. They are durable and completely resist corrosion. The use of Nitrile Rubber or Buna-N as a sealing material ensures that the connectors remain resistant to silicone greases, water, petroleum oils, or ethylene glycol. It provides excellent permeation and abrasion resistance.

We take pride in creating products that are efficient, easy-to-use, and highly functional.

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