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Calibrating with the Ralston Hydraulic Hand Pump

MAY 2014

Get to know the last hydraulic hand pump you will ever need to buy. See how to efficiently and quickly set up and perform calibration tests on a range of devices with on-board gauges or off-board pressure calibrators.

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Adapting a Pressure Calibrator from Medium Pressure Connections to Quick-test and Quick-test XT just got easier

MARCH 2014

Do you have pressure calibrators, hand pumps or comparators with Medium Pressure fittings but cannot find the right adapter for your application? Do you connect to Medium Pressure fittings in the field or in the lab? Do you have trouble getting the correct Medium Pressure adapter due to limited pressure range, expense or lack of selection? If the answer is yes to any of these questions then we have the solution for you.

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Ralston Male NPT Quick-test Fittings make periodic calibration of pressure instruments as easy as can be


Do you need to periodically calibrate pressure instruments in the field in harsh environments? Do you have to check pressures of systems that are under pressure? Do you need the reliability of a dual pressure seal system?

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Calibrate Multiple Pressure Instruments At Once


Do you need to switch between different sizes or types of process connections when calibrating pressure instruments? Do you need to calibrate large quantities of pressure devices in an environmental chamber?

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Calibrating DP Pressure Transmitters Just Got A Lot Easier


Get in and out quickly with a DP Transmitter Adapters. Ralston DP Transmitter Adapters make calibrating pressure transducers a snap.

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Ralston Block and Bleed Valves Make Your Gas Last Longer

JULY 2013

Ralston Block and Bleed Valves make pressure calibration even easier. Save compressed gas and make calibrations go more quickly with the Ralston Block and Bleed Valve.

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More Testing. Less Taping

MAY 2013

Female NPT Quick-connect adapters convert any NPT connection to Quick-test. Quickly switch between many devices under test without using a wrench or thread tape.

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How Ralston Quick-test Adapters Save Time

MARCH 2013

Make a high pressure connection to Swagelok, Parker, SSP or other tube fittings without a nut and ferrules or a wrench.

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The Higher the Pressure the Tighter the Seal


Watch the video of how our NPT Male Quick-connect Adapter makes a bubble tight seal on any female NPT port without thread tape or a wrench.

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How to keep contaminants out of your gas pressure calibration system


In many gas pipelines, chemical plants and refineries there are contaminants in the process line. These contaminants can pose a threat to the pressure calibration system regardless of whether they are corrosive gases, natural gas liquids or water. By working proactively to keep contaminants out of your pressure calibrator you can extend the life of your equipment and reduce your maintenance costs. But what is the best way to do this?

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Why We Calibrate Pressure and Temperature Transmitters


Like all markets, the oil and gas industry has buyers and sellers. Buyers want to make sure they are getting what they pay for and sellers want to ensure they are getting paid for what they are providing. But how does each party know exactly what is changing hands when the commodity is something that is difficult to isolate and measure --like a gas? How can each party feel good about the transaction if they can't see or weigh the goods that are being sold?

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Ralston Instruments releases a new Gas Sampling Pump

JUNE 2012

The new SP0V Gas Sampling Pump can pull natural gas from low producing wells and boost it up to a pressure that can be used in a sample cylinder easily and quickly.

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Ralston Instruments Releases New Connect Catalog

MARCH 2012

Ralston Instruments has released a new, updated Connect Catalog which is greatly expanded. It also has interesting application notes, illustrations and reference information on how to select the best Quick-test hose or adapter for the job.

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Ralston Instruments Achieves CE Certification for Nitropak and Exceeds Standards by 60%


Ralston Instruments has passed the rigorous testing scheme for CE certification in the European market.

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Ralston Instruments Introduces New Quick-test Hose Configurator


The new Ralston Instruments Quick-test Hose Configurator allows you to customize the exact hose you need for a very specific job. When our standard hoses do not meet your exact criteria, our custom hoses provide you with additional flexibility to help you get exactly what you need for your job.

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Ralston Instruments tube adapters make connecting to tube fittings quick and leak-free, all without a wrench


Traditionally, tube fittings have been designed to be made up at 1.25 turns. However, when they are disassembled and reassembled they often get tightened beyond 1.25 turns. Over time, this pattern of excessive tightening results in the front ferrule digging into the tube and making it bulge out in a way that puts excessive wear and tear on the fitting. Not only does this cause leaks but it also makes the nut harder and harder to spin thus reducing the life of the fitting. Now there is a better way to connect to a tube fitting.

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Ralston Instruments Introduces 90 Degree Elbows

JUNE 2011

Ralston Instruments introduces new 90 Degree Elbows. Connect to transmitters in hard to reach places.

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A better way to calibrate chart recorders on natural gas pipelines


Todd has to calibrate multiple chart recorders on a gas pipeline but he has a problem. Since it is a natural gas pipeline he is concerned about using hydraulic fluid to do the calibration. It is also the middle of winter and he doesn't want any fluid to accumulate and freeze in the chart recorders. He has also had problems with pressure stability when using hydraulic fluid. The solution is to use a Ralston Instruments calibration manifold.

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Ralston Instruments expands line of Quick-test XT hose and adapters


Over the last several months, Ralston Instruments has introduced a new line of Quick-test XT fittings and hoses. The added flexibility that comes with these products enables you to work more efficiently and ensures you have just the right tools to accomplish your job in a variety of different settings.

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See how Dave used Ralston adapters to make connecting to pressure devices in the field


Connecting to devices in the field is difficult and time consuming.

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