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Ralston introduces the FieldLab Commando

APRIL 2021

Ralston Instruments announces the new FieldLab Commando. With ±0.1% of reading and 450 HP, the FieldLab Commando is the first laboratory grade pressure measurement work truck. It boasts impressive pressure calibration precision and effortless transportation to and from your test sites.

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Attention Ralston Instruments Distributors

MARCH 2021

Join us for a live webinar covering strategies and examples that'll help you make the most of your Ralston offerings.

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Celebrating 50 Years of Innovation

JUNE 2020

Ralston Instruments has been a driving force in the pressure calibration industry since our founder, Doug Ralston, invented the first hand-held pneumatic pump back in 1969. A lot has changed and we are happy to announce the following recent updates to our standard business practice.

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Product Spotlight – Calibration Manifold


The Calibration Manifold has been around for over 30 years, but it’s still just as gratifying to demo it to techs who are new to the industry or seeing it for the first time.

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The Advantages of Using a Hydraulic Hand Pump


There are numerous advantages of using a hydraulic hand pump. Find out how the QTHP hydraulic hand pump can increase your operational efficiency.

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Analog vs Digital Pressure Gauges

JUNE 2019

All you need to know about digital pressure gauges vs analog pressure gauges - pros, cons and suggestions for choosing the right gauge.

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Keeping Up with Increased Traceability Requirements

MARCH 2018

Regulatory demands have made the maintenance and calibration of process control instrumentation harder and harder. As the requirements of traceability have increased it has put more burden on those who manage these systems to keep track of more information on both the reference device, device under test, serial numbers and other data. This greater scrutiny has fallen on the instrumentation used on pipelines, refineries, pharmaceutical plants and other process control industries to measure the flow of liquids and gasses. Because of this added traceability requirement, it has grown more difficult to manage instruments in these industries.

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Connect to all major connection standards - no matter who makes it


Connect to all major connection standards - no matter who makes it. Our expanded line of DP Transmitter Adapters and Bleeder Screw Adapters are now available for Rosemount, Yokogawa, Endress+Hauser, Honeywell, Anderson Greenwood, NOSHOK and Parker.

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Introducing the DCAP Pressure Test Pump


Ralston Instruments is excited to release a new 650 psi / 45 bar Pressure Test Pump that it is exceptionally durable and ready for heavy field use.

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Spend More Time Calibrating and Less Time Looking for Leaks

MAY 2017

Ralston Quick-connect adapters can be assembled by hand - without a wrench or thread sealant and they seal up to 5000 psi / 350 bar.

The adapters use a pressure assisted seal which means the more pressure that is applied, the better the seal. Connect to pressure gauges which have male NPT, BSPP or Metric threads - all without using a wrench or thread sealant. Quickly switch between gauges while calibrating or testing without worrying about leaks.

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Adapt a standard Pete's Plug to a Ralston Quick-test Hose

MARCH 2017

Adapt a standard Pete's Plug (tm) to a Ralston Quick-test hose with our new Pete's Plug Adapters.

The probe in our adapter connects into any standard Pete's Plug (tm) and
allows the user to connect a Quick-Test Hose or Quick-Test Adapter on
the other side.

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Selecting the Right Equipment for Calibrating Pressure Instruments Just Got a lot Simpler!


You're busy and don't have time to figure out all the items you need to

calibrate pressure devices. What if we could take the guesswork out for
you? Whether you're calibrating pressure transmitters, setting pressure
switches, checking gauges or verifying Flow Computers, we have the right
kit for you!

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See how you can ditch the paperwork!


Create and run your own Calibration Test Modes for repeatable, traceable As Found/As Left tests for calibrating pressure gauges or other DUTs. Eliminate log sheets and hand written test points. Ditch the paperwork and get fast and accurate results with 100% digital traceability.

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Run a Pressure Test using Data Logging Test Modes on the FieldLab Digital Pressure Calibrator


Use a FieldLab to do datalogging of pressure in a wide variety of situations. It can be used for logging pressure during hydrostatic testing, logging of pressure events, checking tire pressures or leak testing products. See how the FieldLab can help you do your job better.

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The first laboratory grade pressure reference designed to work how you do - wherever you do it.

MARCH 2016

FieldLab is the first pressure reference that is designed to work how you do whether it is on an oil rig, pipeline, power plant, aircraft carrier or ship. The FieldLab is rated Class 1, Division 1 Intrinsically Safe as well as ATEX and IECEx Zone 0 certified for use in hazardous locations.

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Quick & Accurate Testing in Remote Locations without Pumping


The Ralston Nitropak is our high-pressure portable calibration kit with an on-board nitrogen cylinder. It allows the user to control pressure very precisely to devices in the field (up to 3000 PSI/ 210 bar) so that test points can be reached quickly.

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Exciting Applications for Ralston Volume Controllers

JULY 2015

The Ralston Instruments Volume Controller is an excellent solution for a wide range of Pressure Control Applications.

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Universal Hose and Adapter Kits make Connection a Snap

MAY 2015

Ralston Instruments Universal Hose and Adapter Kits help take the guesswork out of selecting adapters. When you go out in the field you can be sure you have every hose and adapter you need to do the job.

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How to Keep Contaminants Out During Pressure Calibration

MARCH 2015

Sand, dirt, natural gas liquids (NGLs), water and other liquids can be a serious problem when calibrating pressure instruments on oil or natural gas pipelines. When liquid is mixed in with gas it can contaminate pressure instrumentation and introduce measurement errors. This is particularly a problem when measuring low pressures or differential pressures as any liquid can increase measurement uncertainty. To help reduce measurement uncertainty and to prevent solids and liquids from contaminating your pressure instruments Ralston Instruments has introduced two helpful products.

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Taking Better Gas Samples From Low Pressure Gas Wells


Taking gas samples from low producing wells or low flow pipelines is a challenge. Ralston Instruments has created a solution to this problem.

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