The Revolutionary Ralston Instruments Calibration Manifold

The Problem

Calibrating pressure instruments by filling and bleeding valves can cause pressure to jump around while trying to achieve a specific set point. Moreover, "Christmas trees" made from multiple valves and fittings are cumbersome and can lead to leaks. Calibrations performed with these configurations yield inaccurate results due to hysteresis error and waste valuable nitrogen.

The Solution

A better alternative to filling and bleeding valves is to change the volume of the system using a fine adjustment piston. Ralston Instruments calibration manifolds are a compact, complete solution that include the manifold (with fine adjustment) along with the hoses and adapters required to perform a successful calibration.

Calibration Manifolds

Using the Ralston calibration manifold, technicians can quickly reach test points required to perform static pressure calibrations without having to continually over-shoot and under-shoot to hit their target pressure. Our newly redesigned fine adjustment piston, along with precision fill and vent valves, provides improved control while decreasing effort and wasted nitrogen.

Benefits of the Ralston Calibration Manifold

• Smoother control of pressure

• Reduction in hysteresis error

• Reduction in leaks

• Greater accuracy

• Conservation of nitrogen

• Reduction of time

Ordering Information

• Available in brass (QTCM manifolds - up to 3000 psi)

• Available in stainless steel (QSCM manifolds - pressures to 5000 psi)

• Make a complete kit by including a digital or analog pressure gauge