Ralston Instruments releases a new Gas Sampling Pump

The Problem: When taking a sample of gas and there is not enough pressure to fill a sample cylinder.

Solution: The new Ralston Instruments SP0V gas sampling pump

New Gas Sampling Pump

The new SP0V gas sampling pump can pull low pressure gas from a well and boost it to 25 psi. Setting up the pump involves connecting the inlet hose to the pipeline sample point, connecting the outlet hose to the sample cylinder and connecting a pressure gauge to the other outlet port. Then as the sample pump is stroked it boosts the gas pressure up and pumps it into the sample cylinder while the pressure gauge reads the cylinder pressure.

The sampling pump uses Ralston Quick-test connections, hoses and adapters which make setting it up fast and easy to connect and disconnect.

The pump is made from anodized aluminum and stainless steel so none of the components will affect the sample being taken.

It comes with two hoses, adapters and a gauge connection for easy setup in the field.

How To Setup and Use Gas Sampling Pump