Ralston Instruments Introduces 90 Degree Elbows

Reach around corners to connect to pressure transmitters with connections that are up against walls or in hard to reach places.

We have configurations in Male Quick-test x Female Quick-test. This allows the user to connect a transmitter adapter or male Quick-test adapter to a pressure transmitter. Then the elbow can be used to make a 90 degree turn, instead of trying to connect a hose around a sharp corner.

We have configurations in Male Quick-test x 1/4" Male NPT. The NPT elbows with cap and chain can be permanently installed for repeated use in areas where it is difficult to access vent ports on a transmitter manifold. Just remove the cap for calibration and connect a Quick-test hose for calibration.

Then replace the cap when finished and bring the process back on-line - all without a wrench!

How to Use the Ralston Quick-test 90° Elbow