Ralston Instruments Releases New Connect Catalog

Ralston Instruments Connect Catalog

This new full color catalog encompasses our complete line of high pressure Quick-test and ultra high pressure Quick-test XT hoses and adapters as well as hose and adapter kits. It also contains complete information on valves, fine adjust verniers and accessories. This catalog makes an excellent reference to keep in the office, in the truck or in the plant.

New Ralston Instruments Connect Catalog

Illustrations show how the Quick-test system works. They also illustrate the benefits of our high pressure hoses and adapters with check-valves. Learn how to configure custom hoses as well as how to select the correct adapter for your application.

Insider Connection

View specific examples of what adapters to use in many applications in the "Insider Connection" sections of the catalog. These give both practical information as well as have photos of the adapters in use so that all you need to do is look for the photo of the best adapter for your application.

New Ralston Instruments Connect Catalog

Read in-depth information on different process connections, where they are used and where in the catalog to find adapters with those connections. Learn the difference between NPT, BSPP, Flare, Tube and which works best for your particular application.