Ralston Instruments tube adapters make connecting to tube fittings quick and leak-free, all without a wrench

Smarter Design Extends the Life of Your Tube Fitting

Traditionally, tube fittings have been designed to be made up at 1.25 turns. However, when they are disassembled and reassembled they often get tightened beyond 1.25 turns. Over time, this pattern of excessive tightening results in the front ferrule digging into the tube and making it bulge out in a way that puts excessive wear and tear on the fitting. Not only does this cause leaks but it also makes the nut harder and harder to spin which reduces the life of the tube fitting.


Ralston Instruments has solved this connection problem by incorporating an o-ring seal into their tube fitting adapter design. Our smarter alternative to the traditional metal-on-metal seat design eliminates the need to depend on a precise amount of tension to work properly. With this approach, users can connect to a tube fitting without a wrench up to 5000 psi (345 bar). This design allows the tube adapter to last much longer because there is no risk of the tube fitting nut getting too tight, ferrules leaking or bottoming out. Ultimately, this new product will extend the life of your tube fitting by years because it guards against the over tightening so common with similar products in the market.

As a complement to our existing line of 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 inch adapters, Ralston Instruments is proud to introduce a 1/8 inch tube fitting adapter. Now it is easier than ever to connect Gas Chromatographs, Oxygen analyzers and moisture sampling equipment that use 1/8 inch tube fittings. We have also expanded our fitting line to include 6 mm and 10 mm metric tube sizes.

How To Use Tube Fitting Quick-test Adapters