See how Dave used Ralston adapters to make connecting to pressure devices in the field

Ralston Instruments

Dave has 12 meter calibrations to do today, all of which are at least 30 miles from the meter shop. Several of the meters are ABB Totalflows but they just inherited some older meters from another company they bought.

How Dave adapts to everything

On the Totalflows he has already installed Ralston Quick-test Adapters on the 5 valve manifolds. That way when he goes to calibrate he doesn’t have to use thread tape at all. Two of the pressure transmitters he just inherited have the manifold NPToutlets plugged. He pulls the plug out and connects the Ralston NPT Male Quick-Connect, all without thread sealant. A few of the inherited meters have Swagelok tube fittings on them which he connects to with a Ralston Tube Adapter. One of the meters has only a 3 valve manifold on it so he removes the bleeder screw and connects a Ralston DP Transmitter Adapter to it. On the oldest chart recorder there is flare connection to which he connects a Ralston Flare Adapter.

All in a day’s work

In each case he has just the right adapter for the job and didn’t have to use thread tape or a wrench. Because he has the right connections he is able to complete his calibrations quickly and get back in time to complete all his paperwork. He can connect to any of his devices under test using the Ralston Quick-test system.