Ralston Instruments Achieves CE Certification for Nitropak and Exceeds Standards by 60%


This means the Nitropak pressure calibration source can be transported throughout the European Union, Canada and the USA via road or rail with the compressed gas cylinder pressurized. It can be used in pressure calibration, pressure switch testing, air-data instrument calibration, marine applications and in the aerospace industry safely and effectively. It also means that the Nitropak fulfills all requirements of the PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) as well as the TPED (Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive).

To earn this distinguished designation, Ralston Instruments engineers designed a series of rigorous testing procedures to meet the requirements of DIN EN ISO 10297:2006. The first test cycled the cylinder valve to ensure that it did not leak. This test involved pressurizing each valve to 3,600 psi (250 bar), venting it and monitoring for leaks. This testing cycle was successfully repeated 10,000 times without a single leak in our product. Ralston Instruments Quick-test hose and adapters made setting up the test very quick and leak-tight.

Ralston Instruments Nitropak Achieves CE Certification

The engineers also developed a torque testing procedure that tested the standard and maximum torque applied to the valve to see how it behaved. The promising results of both of these tests allowed the Nitropak to pass all requirements of certification agencies and ensure fail-safe operation in the field.

The design evaluation of all components in the Nitropak concluded that all components have a factor of safety of greater than 4:1. This means the product will not fail unless it is pressurized to 12,000 psi (830 bar) which is four times greater than the rated working pressure (Note - Working pressure of 3000 psi or 210 bar should not be exceeded). The ISO Standard dictates that products must only be 2.5:1 times greater but, because of the robust technical design, the Nitropak has surpassed that number by 60%.

The success of these tests demonstrates Ralston Instruments' commitment to continuous improvement and to ensuring the safety of their customers while using Ralston Instruments products. You can feel confident in the Nitropak's ability to perform in the most challenging situations in the field.