Universal Hose and Adapter Kits make Connection a Snap

Universal Hose and Adapter Kits

Ralston Instruments Universal Quick-test Hose and Adapter Kits help simplify the job of pressure calibration. They include NPT male and female adapters from 1/8” to 1/2”, Quick-connects for NPT, Tube fittings, adapters for Rosemount, and Honeywell DP transmitters, a tee, a union and two hoses. There are 20 adapters and 2 hoses that cover the vast majority of connections seen in the field.

The Universal Adapter kits come in a sturdy, high impact ABS case with foam inserts that hold all hoses and adapters in a clearly visible position. That way if one is missing it will be obvious so you won’t discover any missing pieces at the job site. It also makes it easy to select the correct hose or adapter for the job at hand instead of digging around in the bottom of a bag or toolbox.

The foam insert protects adapter threads from damage away from contamination that could cause leakage in the field. The Universal adapter kit is available in an economical version as well as an all Stainless Steel version as well.

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