Pressure and Temperature Data Logging with Bluetooth

Log both pressure and temperature at pre-set time intervals and monitor tests in real time with the new Bluetooth-Equipped Pressure / Temperature Field Gauge LC20.

The new Pressure / Temperature Field Gauge LC20 with Bluetooth gives you the freedom to monitor and log both pressure and temperature from a mobile device. Use the FieldLab Mobile App to initiate pressure and temperature logging, record and monitor tests at selected intervals, and easily share data over email, network drives, or text message.

Streamlined Efficiency

Boost your efficiency while reducing the potential for human error. The Pressure / Temperature Field Gauge LC20 with Bluetooth makes it easy to record pressure and temperature per US DOT, API, Transport Canada, ASME and European standards. Set up tests and control the logging interval and duration from the FieldLab Mobile App, monitor pressure and temperature in real time, and customize reports to include all reference info, graphs of pressure & temperature readings and DUT data.

Laboratory-Grade Accuracy

With ± 0.1% full span accuracy and a durable, power-saving design, the Pressure / Temperature Field Gauge LC20 with Bluetooth is a laboratory-grade, precision tool that you can take with you anywhere, even in dangerous or difficult-to-reach areas. It’s available in 16 pressure ranges from 5 psi to 30,000 psi.


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