What is Pressure Calibration?

The efficient calibration of today’s sophisticated measuring equipment is an essential function in any industry where pressure instruments are used to monitor fluid and gas pressures and flow rates. Pressure calibration is the comparison of the output of a pressure gauge or other measuring device against a standard instrument of higher accuracy. A typical commercial calibration uses the manufacturer’s pressure gauge or transmitter calibration procedure and is usually performed with a reference standard of at least 4 times the accuracy as the instrument under test or with a lower combined standard measurement uncertainty than the device under test. Inaccuracies can be costly, so the ultimate goal of pressure calibration is to assess and adjust the precision of the pressure equipment used to measure the process to prevent errors or uncertainties.

Finding the Right Tool for the Job

There’s no one-size-fits-all pressure gauge calibration kit that meets the requirements of all users. Pressure gauge calibration standards differ dramatically based on their applications and the environments they’re used in. From energy production and healthcare to meteorology and aeronautics, pressure calibration is used in such a wide range of industries that it’s not always easy to determine the products that are best suited for your application. For example, if you're calibrating in the oil and gas industry, having hazardous location approvals is a key factor in selecting calibration equipment.

Whether you’re calibrating pressure devices in the field or in the lab, Ralston Instruments has the products you need to perform critical pressure testing and pressure instrument maintenance quickly and reliably. We’ve developed a full line of precision pressure calibration equipment, featuring our signature Quick-test connectors and adapters, that covers a wide range of functions and applications.

Pressure Calibration Solutions

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