Pressure Control

Precise control of compressed gas is an intelligent approach to calibration. Ralston Instruments offers a number of pressure control devices for use in a wide range of applications and pressure levels.


Ralston precision pressure controllers can be used for a wide range of industry applications such as:

  • Absolute pressure measurement
  • Vacuum gauge calibration
  • Airspeed indicator calibration under low pressure
  • Pressure gauge calibration
  • calibration of differential pressure transmitter
  • Deadweight replacement
  • Calibrating a static pressure transmitter under medium pressure
  • Testing safety relief valves
  • Calibrating pressure gauge under high pressure

Compressed Gas Volume Controller

Perform both ultra-precise low-pressure differential or high-pressure static pressure calibrations with nitrogen using the same device with an external pressure calibrator.

A conventional pressure regulator functions by filling & bleeding the pressure. Ralston compressed gas volume controller helps you seamlessly perform accurate high pressure static calibrations or low-pressure differential pressure transmitter calibration. It ensures stability and precision at any pressure level.


The Ralston ControlPak is a manual pressure controller designed for precise control over an external compressed gas source, either in the field or in the lab. With its integrated volume controller, it allows the user to manually adjust compressed gas pressure with the utmost precision and at a fraction of the cost of electronic pressure controllers.

Calibration NitroPak

Self contained nitrogen source, regulator, precision fine adjust, hoses, gauge adapters and process connections provide a complete pressure control solution for doing nitrogen calibration of pressure instruments in remote locations.

The fully integrated compressed gas source kit has everything you need to perform calibration in remote locations. Ralston NitroPak includes a compressed gas cylinder, hoses, pressure regulator, and adapters. It ensures quick set up and accurate compressed gas pressure control, despite difficulties working in a remote location.

Calibration Manifolds

An excellent solution for doing static pressure calibrations with compressed nitrogen gas. Brass and stainless steel manifolds are available to provide solutions for every type of environment. The most economical way of performing static pressure calibrations in the field using nitrogen or other compressed gas.

Ralston pressure calibration manifolds are made using highest grade materials to perform unmatched static pressure calibrations in the field or in the shop. It provides fine control over a compressed device, irrespective of the device being controlled.

We also provide pressure regulators, Benchtop manifolds, and fluid & gas filters for high-precision & stable Benchtop calibration.

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Benchtop Calibration

Optimize your lab or truck for productive calibration tests.

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