ControlPak Manual Pressure Controller


The Ralston ControlPak is a manual pressure controller designed for precise control over an external compressed gas source, either in the field or in the lab. With its integrated volume controller, it allows the user to manually adjust compressed gas pressure with the utmost precision and at a fraction of the cost of electronic pressure controllers.

Full Scale Precision Pressure Control

With a large pressure-balanced piston, the ControlPak has an impressive turndown. In a single setup, a tech can perform ultra-precise low-pressure differential or high-pressure static pressure calibrations with extreme precision. The pressure-balanced fine adjustment piston allows finger-tip control of pressure from 0.03 psi (200 Pa) to 3000 psi (20 MPa). And you can mount a Ralston FieldLab, Ralston Field Gauge or any reference device directly for easy reading during calibrations.

Field Ready Construction

The ControlPak is encased in a durable, tactical plastic designed to withstand mud, intense heat, and extreme cold. Pull it from your truck, connect it to your tank of compressed gas, and start calibrating right at the site of your device under test. Combined with the included Ralston Quick-test™ connections, hoses, and reference gauge adapters, the rugged ControlPak includes everything you need for fast, precise control over test pressure - right where you need it.

ControlPak Features

  • Proprietary, pressure-balanced fine adjustment piston allows for extremely precise, control of pressure from 0.03 psi (200 kPa) to 3000 psi (20 MPa)
  • Fine adjust piston, fill, balance and vent valves are all included in one light-weight, compact unit
  • Includes handle, Ralston Quick-test ™ fill valve and outlet connections, hoses and adapters
  • Low volume Quick-test hose, gauge adapter and process connection can be attached to ControlPak without thread sealant or a wrench
  • Soft-seated valves make filling and venting the system very precise
  • Made in U.S.A.

Configure a ControlPak Manual Pressure Controller

Ralston ControlPaks come in a variety of different configurations. Choose which bundle is right for your application.

Part of the Ralston Quick-test™ System of safe, stable, leak-free connections without a wrench.

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