Part Number: USN0-KIT7-3ft

USN0 Hose assembly, 3ft hose, (1) Male QC, (1) Female QC, caps on both

  • Hose: High Pressure hose, 1/4" Female Flare (-04) ends, 316 S.S., 3ft long
  • Female USN0 Quick-connect: Female USN0 Quick-connect for 2J hose or panel mount, 316 S.S.
  • USN0 Male Probe: Male USN0 Probe x Male AN4, 316 S.S.
  • USN0 male cap: Cap for Male QC probe with tether and 4 links of chain
  • USN0 female plug: Plug for female QC with tether and chain (3 links)