Introducing the DCAP Pressure Test Pump

Dcap Flp1 W0 Xmitter

Ralston Instruments is excited to release a new 650 psi / 45 bar Pressure Test Pump that it is exceptionally durable and ready for heavy field use.

Applications: Calibrating pressure transmitters • Calibrating/verifying pressure gauges • Setting pressure switches.

Industries: Oil and Gas • Gas Transmission • Utilities • Pharmaceutical • Maritime • Aerospace

Product Highlights

  • Easily pump up to 650 psi (45 bar)

  • Anodized aluminum handles are more durable than competitors
  • Stainless steel fittings and hose ends make this exceptionally durable
  • Soft seat vent valve makes venting pressure very precise
  • Unique fine adjust is precise and easy to operate, even at high pressure
  • Includes Ralston Quick-test™ hose, process connection, and two outlet ports so the user does not need a tee
  • Kits available with digital gauge or FieldLab provide everything the user needs to calibrate pressure devices

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