DCAP Pneumatic Scissor Hand Pump

Ri Lp Dcap

Calibrating pressure transmitters with precision

Calibrating pressure transmitters in the field requires a hand pump that can generate pressure easily and then control pressure to a very precise test point. The majority of pressure transmitters are Differential Pressure or DP so the user must calibrate both the high and low side of the DP cell. This means the fine adjust control must be precise at 50 in H2O / 12 kPa as well as 500 psi / 3.5 MPa. The pump needs to be easy to use as most calibration technicians will calibrate quite a few transmitters each day. The Ralston Pneumatic Scissor Hand Pump is an excellent solution that solves all of these problems.

Calibrating analog or digital pressure gauges without worrying about leaks

When testing gauges the hoses and adapters are often the sources of leaks. To eliminate that the Ralston Quick-test system of hoses and adapters lets the user connect without thread tape to each adapter and in many cases also to the device being calibrated without a wrench. As technicians in plants and on pipelines often have many gauges to calibrate or verify they need a tool to do the job quickly so they can move onto the next gauge. The Pneumatic Scissor Hand Pump allows the user to control pressure very easily and move through their tests without worrying about leaks.

Dcap Fine Adjust Piston

Setting a pressure switch faster with the fine adjust piston

Setting pressure switches require both a pump and a device to measure switch closure and pressure. Since there is a lot of equipment to set up it all needs to be reliable and respond quickly. It is necessary to verify switch closure pressure so having good control of pressure is very important. The fine adjust piston on the Pneumatic Scissor Hand Pump is very precise and lets the user open or close a pressure switch easily. This helps the technician get the job done faster.

Ensure precise custody transfer from flow computers

Calibrating a flow computer requires precise control of pressure to each leg of the differential pressure cell. The pump needs to have a small volume in the pressure hose so that the user is not spending a lot of time compressing air just to fill a hose. The connections on most flow computers are female NPT and the Ralston NPT Female Quick Connect Adapter works well to connect to these without thread sealant as well. Logging the complete calibration can be done with the Ralston FieldLab Digital Pressure Calibrator system.

Ri Dcap Custody Transfer2
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