Cutting-Edge Quick-test Adapters, Valves & Fittings

Ralston Instruments is world’s leading provider of advanced calibration applications, meticulously engineered to save time and ensure seamless pressure testing, repair and maintenance operations.

We offer a complete suite of fully integrated Quick-test adapters, valves & fittings. The products are intelligently designed to offer time-saving and secure connections to practically any device. The test point adapters, valves & fittings are highly functional for a range of pressure calibration and other applications.

Wide Range of Test-point Adapters

Ralston Instruments offers a variety of test-point adapters, in addition to valves & fittings that help perform a range of functions while performing pressure calibration. This includes isolating a pressure device, controlling and venting pressure to deliver calibrated results. Our devices ensure precision, reliability and time-savings.

Key Features

  • Wide variety of Quick test adapters, valves & fittings to connect with any type of calibration device
  • Prompt and easy assembly and disassembly; no thread sealant or wrench is required
  • Fast, leak-proof & fail-safe connections
  • Quick-test unions makes connecting two hoses simple and quick
  • A range of Male and Female Quick-test adapters and hoses for testing, sampling and calibrating
  • Push-on/Pull-off capability minimizes connection time, and offers repeatability and longevity
  • All Quick test adapters, valves and fittings are made in USA, leveraging excellent design quality and manufacturing techniques

We provide a wide selection of Quick-test adapters, valves & fittings used for pressure calibration applications. Need assistance or advice to select the right connector? Please contact us.

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