Weatherproof Pressure Dataloggers

Ralston Weatherproof Pressure Dataloggers

Long-term digital pressure data logging in the field

The FieldLab Outdoor Enclosure along with a FieldLab Pressure Reference replaces paper-based pressure chart recorders with a digital solution. Instead of changing charts every week or month these can log for three months at a time or longer before data needs to be collected.

Users can download data less frequently and have it all stored reliably onboard the FieldLab Pressure Reference in a weatherproof enclosure. FieldLab data logging settings are easily managed on the FieldLab Desktop software. The FieldLab Pressure reference can then be deployed into the field to monitor pressure continuously. Data sets are harvested via USB connection for reporting and analysis.

For applications where a permanent or long-term pressure recording solution is required, FieldLab Outdoor Enclosure Kits are a great solution. The FieldLab comes in ranges up to 10,000 PSI and can handle 2 million data points of logging capacity - log a point every minute for 3.8 years.

Completely digital, traceable pressure logging solutions

  • Recording pressure at the wellhead in remote locations or where SCADA or cellular systems are not practical
  • Monitoring low water pressure issues in municipal water departments where water spray or weather is an issue
  • Monitoring pressure during hydrostatic testing - where construction equipment, mud, and weather are an issue
  • Replacement of pressure chart recorders in oil and gas applications - anywhere that pressure monitoring is needed

Weatherproof Pressure Datalogger

  • Logs up to 3 months on a single battery charge (without radio running)
  • Select solar panel for permanent installation
  • Collect pressure data long term or permanently
  • Optional radio allows user to drive up and download data
  • Use scheduled broadcasting periods to save battery life


  • Detecting water pressure anomalies in water distribution
  • Monitor gas pressure at well heads for custody transfer purposes
  • Learn about gas or water pressure behavior for trend analysis
  • Long term monitoring of tank pressures or level (using custom pressure units)
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