Ralston DCAP-PV Pressure / Vacuum Hand Pump Accessories

DCAP or DCAP-PV carrying case


Case to hold DCAP or DCAP-PV pump, pressure gauge, hose and adapters

LC10 pressure gauge, +/- 15 psi / 1 bar / 100 kPa, 1/4" Male NPT bottom connection


The LC10 is a robust device that measures and displays pressure readings on a large, backlighted screen. The LC10 has the ability to show High and Low pressure values on-screen, change between 15 different engineering units or add custom engineering units. The included PC FieldLab Desktop software can be used for calibration, testing and live viewing of pressure.

5 pc Quick-test fitting kit -1/8" MNPT, 1/8" FNPT, 1/4" MNPT, 1/4" FNPT, 1/4" Tube adapters, S.S.


A set of the most commonly used stainless steel adapters make calibrating in the field easier

Replacement outlet hose and process connection with stainless steel ends


Help reduce downtime by having the correct accessories to do the job

Universal Quick-test hose and adapter kit (20 stainless steel adapters, 2 hoses)


Kits take the guesswork out of selecting adapters by providing a selection of the most popular combinations of hoses and adapters