Pneumatic Pressure / Vacuum Hand Pump


A versatile, easy-to-use pressure pump that allows you to quickly switch to vacuum testing with just a turn of a knob, the Ralston DCAP-PV Pressure / Vacuum Hand Pump is ideal for calibrating DP pressure transmitters, testing pressure switches or checking pressure gauges in the field.

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  • Ability to generate pressure to 650 psi / 4.5 MPa
  • Ability to generate vacuum to 28.5 inHg / 710 mmHg
  • Quick switch from pressure to vacuum testing at the turn of a knob - no additional tool required
  • Each pump comes with Ralston Quick-test™ connections for easy connection in the field
  • Multiple pressure ports for connecting both a reference gauge and a hose to the device under test
  • Durable, no-slip metal handles do not fatigue and come loose over time
  • Stainless steel fittings prevent damage from corrosion, wear or hazardous substances
  • Fine adjust piston with bronze bearing allows smooth, precise adjustment of pressure
  • Made in the USA
Dcap Pv Angle

Configure a Ralston DCAP-PV Pressure / Vacuum Hand Pump

Ralston DCAP-PV Pressure / Vacuum Hand Pumps come in a variety of different configurations. Choose which bundle is right for your application.


Easy to Use

The Ralston DCAP-PV Pressure / Vacuum Hand Pump has larger displacement than similar products on the market, which allows you to rapidly build pressure with fewer pump strokes. And unlike the competition, it allows you to quickly and easily change from pressure to vacuum using a knob instead of requiring an additional tool. There's no need for a spring tension adjustment - the vacuum is generated on the squeeze stroke, rather than the spring-loaded return stroke. This allows our spring to be less stiff, making pumping much easier for the user.

Easy to Maintain

The fine adjust and bleed valve on the Ralston DCAP-PV Pressure / Vacuum Hand Pump are separate, allowing for ease of maintenance. And the device is field maintainable with simple tools found in any toolbox.

For field calibration operations that require both pressure and vacuum, the dependable, easy-to-use Ralston DCAP-PV Pressure / Vacuum Hand Pump is the clear choice.

Part of the Ralston Quick-test™ System of safe, stable, leak-free connections without a wrench.

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