Instant Calibration Access in the Field

Male NPT Ralston Quick-test™ Fittings

  • Cap seals and protects the connection from mud, dust and contamination between tests. The chain secures the cap during calibrations so you won't be searching for caps in the mud or weeds again
  • Make direct connections to live pressure systems with a Check-valve equipped Ralston Quick-test Fitting
  • Connect a Ralston Quick-test™ hose with just your fingers and create a leak free connection without thread tape or other tools

Brass without check valve

ModelEND 1
QTFT-1MB01/8" Male NPT
QTFT-2MB01/4" Male NPT
QTFT-3MB03/8" Male NPT
QTFT-4MB01/2" Male NPT
QTFT-6MB03/4" Male NPT

Brass with check valve

ModelEND 1
QTFT-1MB11/8" Male NPT
QTFT-2MB11/4" Male NPT
QTFT-3MB1 3/8" Male NPT
QTFT-4MB11/2" Male NPT
QTFT-6MB13/4" Male NPT

Stainless Steel without check valve

ModelEND 1
QTFT-1MS01/8" Male NPT
QTFT-2MS01/4" Male NPT
QTFT-3MS03/8" Male NPT
QTFT-4MS01/2" Male NPT

Stainless Steel with check valve

ModelEND 1
QTFT-1MS11/8" Male NPT
QTFT-2MS11/4" Male NPT
QTFT-3MS13/8" Male NPT
QTFT-4MS11/2" Male NPT

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