Valves, Verniers & Valved Test Point Fittings

Valves and verniers isolate a pressure device, control pressure and vent pressure when performing a pressure calibration.

Block & Bleed Valves

Keep a calibration system pressurized with a fluid or gas while venting the pressure from the device being calibrated.

In-line Vent Valves

Slowly or quickly bleed pressure from a line after a calibration is complete. Soft seated bleed valves allow easy and safe venting of pressure when moving down the scale or between tests.

In-line Verniers

Connect one end to a Quick-test hose and the other to the process connection then turn the knob to control the pressure

Valved Fittings

Install between a pressure gauge and the process and isolate the process from the gauge to perform a calibration of the gauge. After completing the calibration open the valve and place the gauge on-line, all without blowing down the system.

Panel Mounted Verniers

Install in a test bench or control panel for easy access and control.

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