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Pressure Calibration Using DP Transmitter Adapters

DP Pressure Transmitter Adapters

Differential Pressure or "DP" Pressure Transmitters are used in almost every process industry to measure the flow of gas and liquids and it's important to keep them calibrated. One of the biggest difficulties people have in calibrating DP Pressure Transmitters is connecting a pressure calibrator and pressure source without removing the transmitter from service. All Ralston DP Transmitter Adapters are mounted to a block and bleed valve or a 3 or 5 valve manifold that allows the operator to equalize, vent and isolate the transmitter from the process. The Ralston Quick-test DP Transmitter Adapter makes this connection quickly in the field for easy testing.

Adapters fit the following 3 and 5 valve manifolds:

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DP Transmitter Quick-test Adapters


Bleeder Screw Adapters

A new range of Bleeder Screw Adapters connect pressure transmitters to the process. These adapters thread into the block and bleed valve where the bleeder screw normally goes. They can then be used to pressurize a transmitter for calibration and testing after it has been isolated from the process.

Now available for the following block and bleed gauge valves:

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