Keeping Up with Increased Traceability Requirements

Regulatory demands have made the maintenance and calibration of process control instrumentation more and more difficult. As the requirements of traceability increase, it puts more burden on those who manage these systems to keep track of information on both the reference device and device under test, along with the serial numbers and other data. Greater scrutiny falls on the instrumentation used on pipelines, refineries, pharmaceutical plants and other process control industries to accurately measure the flow of liquids and gasses. Because of this added traceability requirement, it has grown more difficult to manage instruments in these industries.

Ralston FieldLab Digital Pressure Calibrator System

Whether you are calibrating analog pressure gauges, digital transducers or transmitters, the Ralston FieldLab Digital Pressure Calibrator system lets you run tests and collect precise pressure calibration data with ease. Calibration tests have more traceable results using our test templates and custom labels, and you can export PDF and CSV reports quickly and easily. A complete, end-to-end digital workflow helps eliminate pencil and paper while standardizing workflows across your team.

Load your Test Templates directly onto a FieldLab with Test Modes

Standardize pressure calibration using Test Mode templates that are consistent across your company. The Ralston FieldLab Digital Pressure Calibrator system allows users to create pressure calibration templates for each type of pressure device. This allows every technician at a company to be consistent in how they perform calibration of pressure instruments. Templates allow measurement supervisors to create specific templates for each type of device, either analog or digital, and whether they have an "of reading" or "of full scale" accuracy specification.

Get Greater Information Visibility with Custom Labels

Test Modes can be customized with Custom Labels for data fields that are important to your workflow and documentation standards. Custom Labels allow the field technician to enter information about the Device Under Test directly into the FieldLab while in the field. Information such as serial number, location, tag number, or any information that the company decides is required can be entered using the on-screen keyboard. This assures that data collected for one test is not mixed up with data from another test.

Exporting Results

When data is imported back into the desktop software at the end of a day of performing calibrations, all the information on each calibrated device appears in the report along with the pressure reference traceability information and a graph and chart of the results. Additional custom information such as the technician performing the test, customer name, tag, and serial number information also appears. Data can be exported in PDF or CSV format that is customized to the customer's requirements.

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