Choosing the Right Pressure Gauge for Test Benches and OEM Applications

OEM analog gauges have always been a trusted component for test benches and other products, but the built-in conveniences of a digital gauge far outweigh the limitations of its traditional analog counterparts. We do a deep dive into the difference between digital and analog gauges here, but for the purposes of this article, we’re going to focus on the customization options offered by our LC30 Panel-Mounted Digital Pressure Gauge and how it can simplify the way you do business.

Common Scenarios for OEM-Sourced Gauges

  • Your product sells in several markets around the globe, requiring gauges that measure in psi, bar and kPA, depending on the market.
  • Your product requires a very specialized engineering unit, so finding the right OEM partner for your gauge can mean ordering specialized dials, or managing multiple part numbers from your supplier.

The Analog Solution

If you’re using analog gauges, either of the first two scenarios requires you to order different dials for each market and/or engineering unit, and coordinate the manufacturing and logistics so your product is shipped to each market with the correct unit. And when it comes to size, if a consumer can’t see the hash marks, the readings aren’t going to be very accurate. For this reason, analog gauges require a pretty substantial footprint on the product or test bench.

A Better Solution - The Digital LC30

The customization options of the LC30 make it the only gauge you need, no matter what market you’re selling in. You can easily switch an LC30 between 15 built-in standard engineering units or create your own for those applications requiring specialized readings. Ultimately, you can use a single part number for the pressure range, and then further customize the units for your market or your special application. And it comes with power adapters for North America, UK, Europe, Australia and China, so it can be powered via AC mains most places in the world. For OEM and custom Test Bench applications, the LC30 streamlines the manufacturing process and saves a lot of time and potential errors.

In terms of overall accuracy, analog gauges just can’t compete with their digital counterparts. For applications requiring extreme precision, the LC30’s impressive ±0.1% full scale accuracy is hard to beat.

When it comes to size, the LC30 is huge space-saver. The dial is only 4.2 inches (10.7 cm) in diameter - substantially smaller than analog gauges and even most digital gauges. And the dual pressure feature measures two pressures at once, which is essentially like having two gauges in the footprint of one.

Precision and Customization in a Panel-Mounted Gauge

If you’re a manufacturer of test benches or involved in OEM purchasing, you face a set of challenges that are somewhat unique to the industry. The LC30 was designed with the accuracy and customization options to solve those unique challenges and more. It can also measure single pressure or dual pressure, both pressure and temperature, and you can even combine two gauges into one. Find out more about the LC30 here.

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