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Connect to pressure sources and references using the Quick-test system

JUNE 2010

The Quick-test System lets you connect to any pressure calibrator, pressure gauge, hand pump or pressure source easily and quickly.

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How Tube fittings, Flare fittings, Medium and High Pressure and SAE O-ring Seals Perform

APRIL 2010

There are several connections that are used for higher pressure connections where taper seals are not ideal. These connections use either a metal to metal seat or an o-ring seal to make a pressure tight seal at high pressures.

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The difference between NPT, BSPP and BSPT seals


Pressure systems in the process industry use different ways of sealing depending on the geographical region, size of the pressure system and the environment. There are regional differences in sealing types as well as industry preferences. For example, many pressure systems onboard ships use BSPP adapters while many applications in the oil and gas industry use NPT fittings. While one sealing style is not inherently better than another each style has its application.

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New adapter search helps make finding the right adapter a snap


Ralston Instruments has developed a new adapter search that makes finding the right adapter for the job even easier than ever. Whether you are trying to connect to an NPT connection with a cap and chain or a tube fitting the adapter search can help you find the correct adapter.

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A Green Approach at Ralston Instruments

JULY 2009

When Ralston Instruments initiated the construction of their new headquarters building in 2007, they considered the impact they would have on the environment throughout the project and beyond.

As a company that values the natural world around them, Ralston Instruments vowed to reduce their energy consumption and offset damage to the environment at each step. This dedication and "green" philosophy is the driving force behind how Ralston Instruments operates today.

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The Revolutionary Ralston Instruments Calibration Manifold

MAY 2009

The Problem

Calibrating pressure instruments by filling and bleeding valves can cause pressure to jump around while trying to achieve a specific set point. Moreover, "Christmas trees" made from multiple valves and fittings are cumbersome and can lead to leaks. Calibrations performed with these configurations yield inaccurate results due to hysteresis error and waste valuable nitrogen.

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Differential Pressure Calibration using Nitrogen

MARCH 2009

Performing differential pressure calibration is challenging for a variety of reasons.

As a world-renowned manufacturer of pressure calibration equipment, Ralston Instruments anticipates these situations and has created products that stand up to each challenge.

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Ralston Instruments releases Quick-test XT 10,000 psi hoses and adapters


Ralston Instruments is proud to introduce our new 10,000 psi calibration hose and adapters.

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Static pressure calibration using nitrogen and hydraulic fluid


Using a pressure regulator and needle valves to control pressure during a static pressure calibration is very difficult. Using a Ralston calibration manifold, volume controller or Nitropak saves nitrogen, time and money.

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Use nitrogen to generate accurate pressure when calibrating pressure instruments

JULY 2008

Using nitrogen when calibrating pressure instruments provides clean, accurate pressure and easy control of the device under test. For pressures under 3000 psi it offers the ideal set of features for pressure calibration.

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Collaboration with domestic suppliers creates a winning approach

MAY 2008

Ralston Instruments has a long history of making products in the United States. For almost 40 years, we have designed, marketed, manufactured and serviced pressure calibration equipment in Northeastern Ohio on the shores of Lake Erie.

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Ralston Instruments new headquarters

MARCH 2008

Our new building will help us provide customers with improved delivery, higher quality products, faster service and more innovative products.

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Ralston Instruments breaks ground on new manufacturing facility


On June 1st, 2007 Ralston Instruments broke ground on their new manufacturing facility. Located in Newbury, OH about 30 miles outside of Cleveland, the new building is 10,000 square feet and includes a multi-product production line, a QA center and an R&D lab for new product development.

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Ralston Instruments takes to the road


The coming year will be a busy time for Ralston Instruments. Marketing Director, Griffin Ralston, will be exhibiting at a number of trade shows. While he is on the road, Griffin will be demonstrating their new Male Quick-disconnect fitting that reduces set up time by eliminating the need to use thread sealant on pressure transmitter connection. This design streamlines the calibration process and enables service technicians to work faster. Come see Griffin and the Male Quick-disconnect fitting.

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Faster, more efficient pressure calibration with the Male Quick-disconnect NPT Adapter


Customers are now able to order our newest product the Male Quick-disconnect NPT adapter. Similar to our current model of male NPT adapter but, unlike the standard male adapter, the Quick-disconnect does not require the use of thread sealant and therefore significantly streamlines the calibration process. We also offer a full complement of hoses and hand pumps that can be used to create and connect the pressure to the device being tested.

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